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Originally designed in 2013 by Simon Washbourne (Barbarians of Lemuria, Supers!), Triumphant! swiftly gained a following due to its straightforward character creation and easy to grasp system. It was so well regarded that a Spanish language version was published in 2015.

Triumphant!  is now available in this revised, expanded and more dynamic version. Triumphant revised has more consistent rules, greater depth, more rules examples and major improvements to your gameplay experience. Whether you are a roleplaying beginner, or a long-time veteran, with its versatile and straightforward system, there are few better rpgs for your superhero gaming!

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Sovereign City is a guide to a campaign set in the flashy and diverse 1980’s – at the end of the Silver Age of comics and leading into the Bronze Age. It was the decade of a new world order, along with technological and cultural revolutions that have indelibly left their mark. It’s a great period for superheroes – the older heroes in their colourful costumes vying with the newer, grungier heroes in long coats and black leather. However, with the information in this book, and with a little bit of work you could easily set your games in the Golden Age, Silver Age or whenever takes your fancy. Why not play games in every era? It’s up to you.
This isn’t a fully-functioning city environment; this guide is essentially collection of ideas, plots, adventure ideas, characters and scenarios centred on loosely-fleshed out city setting, to give it a sense of internal consistency. These plots tie into specific individuals or places within Sovereign City, although most can be untied from the setting and used in your own locations, if you don’t wish to base your campaign in the Great Lakes area (which is the location of Sovereign City).

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Ludospherik is to become the publisher of all things to do with Barbarians of Lemuria role playing. They will firstly publish a brand new edition of BoL next year (a translation of their fantastic French Edition with glorious artwork by Emmanuel Roudier). It will include the three adventures only found in the French version, plus two brand new adventures written by Garnett Elliott and by myself. This will be swiftly followed by the publication of Lemurian Chronicles 1 (an adventure book already translated in English and, for now, available only on Drivethru RPG), then Lemurian Chronicles 2 (“Le Dieu Voile”, The Veiled God, a whole saga), and Lemurian Chronicles 3 (with new background and adventures).

This is a great move for me and for BoL fans alike because it means the game will get the support it deserves and will give English speakers access to the great supplements that French-speakers have already been enjoying. And there will undoubtedly be more to come!

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Deemed by many to be one of the best sword & sorcery role playing games ever. This is the newest edition, launched via Kickstarter and funded in days. Superb colour option available from

Barbarians of Lemuria

Mythic Edition

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